Rainwater is one of our most valuable natural resources, especially in South Australia. Rainwater harvesting and storage has been conducted in Australia since colonial times.

The amount of rain water you can collect and store is based upon the roof area, collection method, local rainfall patterns and the volume of the water tank.

A large majority of rural properties are obliged to source most of their water on their own property, with rainwater often a better quality solution than supply from a dam, bore or river.

A major factor of any rain harvesting system is the process whereby the water is collected and stored.


Most good quality roofs can be used for rain water collection, as long as it has a gutter and a down pipe. When running water to a tank, the angle of the inlet pipe is important based upon the distance between the tank and the roof.

You will need to ensure the collection system does not consist of unsealed asbestos roofing, that vegetation is not impending the roof and gutters, and that leaf screens and first flush water diverting devices are used to ensure water quality.

For drinking water requirements you should also be wary of significant segments of lead flashings on the roof and steer clear of roofs coated with pre-1980 paint.

Underground (Wet) Water Harvesting Method

This type of water collection system is one where the tank can be positioned well away from the roof and gutters. The rainwater is transported to the tank via underground PVC pipes.

When using this form of water collection system, it is important that the pipes are screened at both ends with a non-corrosive, insect-proof screen to prevent mosquitos and other pests from entering the system.

In all cases, leaf screens and first flush water diverting devices should be used to ensure water quality.

Our Rainwater Tanks Within South Australia

Pioneer Water Tanks are accessible in a series of sizes and capacities to meet any requirement you may have. Our rain water tanks use BlueScope Steel for the roof and body, with an exclusive Aqualiner within.

These strong and resilient rural and industrial tanks are designed to endure the rigours of long term water storage to keep your water pure and fresh in an ever changing South Australian environment.

With first class accessories we have everything you need to have to create the best water harvesting system achievable.

As a local South Australian business Pioneer Water Tanks know what is required to deliver the very best customer care within the region.


Pioneer Water Tanks have provided a service for South Australia since 1988. Our high quality Australian-made water tanks will provide the long-term water security you’re looking for.